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Network Design and Setup

Need to network your equipment? Whether you need a small home wired/wireless network optimized for all devices (Internet TV, Smartphones, printers and computers) or a growing business and in need of a network designed for growth, we can help. Call today for a free qoute.

Virus and Malware Eradicated

Computers feeling ill? Virsuses With the onslaught of malware and virsus it is imprtant to make sure your systems are clean. Even with virsus protection on your computer(s) malware can still go undected. We can preform deep scans and remove any unwated malware infecting your computer(s).

Server Setup

Need your own Email server, Web Server, Backup Server or File Server? We can get you up and running quickly. Recommending the best hardware and software to meet your needs without spending a small fortune. Setup a secure and functional server and services to meet your needs.

Maintenance Programs Available

Need an IT department but cannot afford the full time staff? We offer on-demand and contract services to address a variety of budgets. We offer remote call center services as well onsite repair and training. Call today for consultation and a qoute.

Hardware Installation and Setup

Have new devices to setup. We can handle your Computer, Printer/Fax/Scanner and Audio/Visual installs. Adding them to existing networks for sharing or creating new networks.


In need of some education? We can provide one on one or group training for all major office software packages (MS Ofice, Open Office Google Docs,etc..). Learn how to get the most effiecient use of your software.

Web Developemnt

We offer a full service web developemnt. From a basic personal web page/blog to a full blown commercial website. All our designs are mobile ready and scablable from one page to many. Ecommerce developement is available as well. Call today for a qoute. Unlike so many others we do not lock you in on a mothly service fee to maintain your site is billed at a reasonalbe rate as a needed service.


Have something you need done but not sure how to go about doing it. We offer consulting services to assist you in making an inform decision. Whether it is netowrking, software, hardware choices or phone systems. We have over 20 years of experience in Information Technology with knowledge of all current solutions available. If you need a custom solution we can help. Call today to speak with a representive.

Database Reporting

Having customer information is one thing but accessing it and reporting on it in a way that makes sense to your business is important. We can develop reports off your data, normalize the data so it makes sense to you. Being able to look at the big picture and being able to drill down to see the what is driving your business is important to see trands. Call today to speak with a representive.

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